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brake pads, rotors, and shoes

Brake Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement

When it comes to your brakes, you should know what feels normal and what doesn’t. If your brakes feel like they are pulsing—differently than they would when you trigger your traction control—or shaking, then you know something is very wrong with your brakes. Depending on your braking habits, you can warp rotors and wear through brake pads at different speeds. With our regular maintenance schedule, we can get ahead of the curve, but if you’re not on a schedule, we can still help with brake pad or shoe replacement; brake rotor or drum replacement; and brake system flushes.

tire inspections

Tire Inspection, Repair, and Replacement

In Northeast Ohio, we have potholes large enough to swallow whole cars. Sometimes you end up with tire damage and nothing more. Many tire problems can be prevented. Most tire damage happens when the proper maintenance is forgone, like uneven wear from over or under inflating tires. We can help you replace tires and repair or replace worn or damaged parts, plus professional alignments. Ask about our road hazard warranty on new tires.

oil changes

Oil Changes and Oil Filters

At C.A.R.S., we’ll put you on a regular maintenance schedule according to your driving habits. It’s important to understand that you’re driving habits affect the way your oil works in your car. For example, if you frequently drive short distances, your vehicle may leak unburnt fuel into your oil, causing damage to your engine. Some drivers will need their oil changed more frequently than others, but one thing that every driver needs is to make sure that their oil is being changed with quality materials, like the NAPA-guaranteed oil filters and the correct oil for their vehicle.

transmission flush

Transmission Flush & Repair

The transmission in your vehicle is the one system that has been notoriously hard to maintain. In the past, you simply drained and refilled the fluids, which was good for the system, but essentially ineffective since it only replaced approximately a third of your transmission fluid. The transmission is responsible for the amount of power it gives the engine and is commonly referred to as either manual or automatic. Each vehicle should have its transmission fluids flushed and replaced according to the recommendation found in your owner's manual. A professional mechanic, like those at C.A.R.S., should change the fluids since each vehicle has a different fluid and behavior. Putting the wrong fluid in your transmission can lead to a breakdown—a costly fix—while proper maintenance can keep your vehicle running for the miles ahead.

Suspension Repair and Replacement Services

Suspension Repair & Replacement

Each suspension system has five main components: ball joints, inner and outer tie rods, shocks, struts, and sway bars. With that many components, a small issue can become a big issue in no time. Something as small as improperly inflated tires can cause issues from uneven tire wear to major issues with the suspension system. Your suspension system, in general, keeps your ride to and from your destination as smooth as possible. Each component works together:

  • Ball Joints: The ball joints are literally the pivotal point of your vehicle’s steering and suspension system. A ball joint allows the surfaces of the wheels and the suspension system to move easily and smoothly. Ball joints are subject to normal wear and tear depending on the load your vehicle puts on them. If your vehicle starts to sound like a plane ready for take-off, have your ball joints checked out first!
  • Tie Rods: With all of these components, how do you know when your tie rods have gone bad? If you’re experiencing difficulty steering or a sense of erratic swerving while holding the wheel steady, you may need to have your inner and/or outer tie rods replaced. Unusual vibrations in the steering wheel and a clunking sound may also be signs that you need to see us right away to have your suspension system taken care of.
  • Shocks: In Northeast Ohio, potholes are a common thing, and normally, your vehicle’s shocks will absorb most of the impact. Believe it or not, your shocks are a key component to the stability of your vehicle. It aids in braking, turning, swerving, sway, and more. Your shocks can affect the way your vehicle hits the road, so don’t let just anyone replace them for you. Be sure to have C.A.R.S. replace your shocks and trust in the NAPA AutoCare Nationwide Peace of Mind Warranty.
  • Struts: Your vehicle’s struts serve a similar purpose as the shocks but are connected to your steering mechanism rather than the suspension system itself. Struts are normally categorized within the suspension system because they work together so closely. Struts use a piston-like mechanism to absorb lateral loads and keep the tires on the ground.
  • Sway Bar: While the sway bar itself doesn’t normally get replaced, the links that connect the sway bar to the rest of the suspension system do. The sway bar is a stabilizing bar that controls the way your vehicle ‘rolls’ by evenly distributing the weight of the vehicle. When the links are worn or damaged, your vehicle is more difficult to control, which puts you and your passengers at risk.
car engine light came on

Mechanical Diagnostics & Safety Inspections

C.A.R.S. uses the most effective diagnostic equipment and methods because your safety is our most important priority. We can perform safety inspections for both work and personal vehicles to make sure there are no little issues that can turn into bigger issues. Not every issue can be detected with a diagnostic scan, but you can rest assured that each vehicle that leaves C.A.R.S. has been checked over from license plate to front bumper.

fuel injector

Fuel Injection System Maintenance, Repair, & Replacement

With the proper maintenance, your vehicle can still act sluggish at times, and for the most part, this is because many shops don’t bother to maintain this important part of your engine. Fuel injectors don’t normally go bad; they are normally just dirty.

How does a fuel injector get dirty?

Any of your normal driving habits can contribute to dirtying your fuel injector. Contaminates build up from the fuel that you put into your vehicle, but they can also build up from the engine itself. When a fuel injector sprays gasoline (or diesel fuel) into the combustion chamber, most of the fuel is used up to make the vehicle work. Over time, things like residue, exhaust fumes, and left over fuel can build up and clog the system. Part of the system is the fuel filter, which should also be regularly maintained. At C.A.R.S., we know the importance of whole vehicle health, so stop on in for a visit!

loud muffler repair

Exhaust System Repair & Replacement

Everyone knows when a vehicle goes down the road and is having issues with its exhaust system. Issues with your exhaust system affect, not only the sounds your vehicle will makes, but also your fuel economy and the environment around you. Many cities and states are now requiring vehicles to properly maintain their exhaust systems in order to be on the road. So if you’re experiencing a decrease in fuel economy or a lot of extra noise, bring your vehicle into the professionals at C.A.R.S. for repair or replacement of your exhaust system.

my battery died

Battery Maintenance & Replacement

Not to worry! At C.A.R.S., we will test your battery to see if it simply needs to be charged or if it needs to be replaced. During your regularly scheduled maintenance appointments, we’ll also be sure to check your battery terminals to make sure that they stay clean and clear of any harmful debris to help make your battery last!

Nationwide Peace of Mind® Warranty

The NAPA AutoCare Peace of Mind® Warranty is a written warranty that covers parts and labor for 24 months/24,000 miles, honored at more than 14,000 AutoCare locations nationwide. More Information

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Since 1972, Canfield Automotive Repair Service has been maintaining vehicles in the Youngstown area, while treating our customers with respect, honesty, and integrity. It is our goal to provide excellent customer service and quality repairs at a fair and honest price. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We provide regular automotive maintenance services such as oil changes, brake repair and replacement, tire rotations, air filter/cabin filter replacement, and more. At C.A.R.S., we also provide services such as engine repair, electrical repairs, cooling systems repair, battery replacement, A/C repair and recharging, and more.

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