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Windshield Wipers FAQs

Ensuring you have efficient windshield wipers is just as important as changing your oil and rotating your tires. It's important to inspect, maintain, and replace them regularly.How do I know if I need new windshield wiper blades? When your wipers start leaving streaks that obstruct your view, it's time to get new ones. Over time, wiper blades become hard and brittle, and then they begin to tear. They also lose their flexibility. If you notice a squeaking or chattering noise, this means that the… Read More »

How an Engine Oil Filter Works

We all know how important it is to get your oil changed regularly, but few realize it is equally important to have a clean, working oil filter. An engine can't perform well without clean motor oil, and your motor oil can't perform well unless the oil filter is also doing its job. Here at Canfield Auto Repair, we can put you on a regular maintenance schedule according to your driving habits. A car's oil filter performs two essential tasks to keep your engine running. It filters waste and keeps oil… Read More »

Tire Speed Ratings

If you are looking to buy tires, it is essential to know which type is best for your vehicle and lifestyle. One of the most important metrics to consider when deciding on tires is its speed rating. WHAT IS TIRE SPEED RATING? A tire's speed rating measures the fastest speed a tire can handle before it no longer performs optimally. The higher the speed rating, the more control you'll have over your vehicle at higher speeds. If you exceed a tire's speed rating, it may lead to diminished traction,… Read More »

Winter Is Setting in Soon, Do You Have These Five Things on Your Car Working Perfectly?

When cold weather sets into Ohio and the snow turns to ice, doing any work on your car will probably be the last concern you will want to have as a burden. Even if you are going to be bringing your car to Canfield Auto Repair Service, who wants to worry about taking a car to the mechanic when family and guests are on their way for the holidays? This is a great time to be proactive and let C.A.R.S. help you with any of these you aren’t comfortable doing on your own.1. First and most basic is to get… Read More »

    Nationwide Peace of Mind® Warranty

    The NAPA AutoCare Peace of Mind® Warranty is a written warranty that covers parts and labor for 24 months/24,000 miles, honored at more than 14,000 AutoCare locations nationwide. More Information

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    Since 1972, Canfield Automotive Repair Service has been maintaining vehicles in the Youngstown area, while treating our customers with respect, honesty, and integrity. It is our goal to provide excellent customer service and quality repairs at a fair and honest price. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We provide regular automotive maintenance services such as oil changes, brake repair and replacement, tire rotations, air filter/cabin filter replacement, and more. At C.A.R.S., we also provide services such as engine repair, electrical repairs, cooling systems repair, battery replacement, A/C repair and recharging, and more.

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